We adapt our operations to provide a safe flight experience

Now more than ever, we here at Iberia Express are working to provide you with a safe and quality travel experience by applying all the preventative, hygienic and safety measures necessary to make this possible.

We comply with the COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA)

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Here´s how we do it.


If you are travelling to Spain from abroad (including the Schengen Zone) you will need to fill out a “Health Control Form”, within 48 hours before your flight, through the website www.spth.gob.es or by downloading the app on your mobile device from the same site. You will need to know your assigned seat to complete this form, so we recommend checking in online first. Once you have completed this process you will receive a QR code that you can download on your mobile device or print out. This is necessary to be able to board your flight and will be required upon arrival by the Authorities.

Additionally, if the country or area of origin of your trip is considered an at risk zone, in order to board the flight, you must have a PDIA (diagnostic test of active infection) for SARS-CoV-2 with a negative result, preformed within 48 hours prior to your arrival at your destination. The accepted PDIA for SARS-CoV-2 is the PCR test (RT-PCR COVID-19). The document accreditation of the PDIA result will be verified by the Authorities upon arrival at your destination in Spain, must be the original copy, must be in Spanish or in English, and can presented in either paper or electronic format. The document must contain, at least, the following information: the name of the traveler, the passport number or national identity document or letter (which must match the one used in the Health Control Form), the date of the completion of the test, identification and contact details of the center performing the analysis, the technique used and the negative test result. You can check the at risk countries on the Ministry of Health´s website: www.mscbs.gob.es/ and online at SpTH: www.spth.gob.es.

Arrivals and Departures by country
You can consult the arrival and departure restrictions for the country you are travelling to on the next page.

Iberia Express passengers can take a PCR TEST at Quirónprevención or Arquimea with exclusives prices. More information

Health Declaration

During the Check-in processyou must accept a health declaration confirming the agreement that if any of the circumstances detailed below occur you must not go to the airport:

  • I have been diagnosed with COVID-19 at any point during the 10 days before my flight.
  • I have had any of the relevant symptoms of COVID-19 (fever; a cough that started recently; a loss of taste or smell; difficulty breathing) at any point during the 10 days before my flight.
  • I have been in close contact (e.g. less than 2 metres for more than 15 minutes) with a person who has COVID-19 in the 10 days prior to my flight;
  • I know that I have been in close contact (for example, less than 2 metres away for more than 15 minutes) with a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the 14 days before my flight.
  • I am obliged by local or national regulations to be in quarantine for reasons relating to COVID-19 for a period that includes the date of my flight.

If any of the above situations apply, I will report it via email to sergadmi2@iberiaexpress.com as soon as I become aware of the situation, indicating; reference or booking code, flight date and number, name and surnames of the passengers involved as well as a document accrediting the situation. I understand that, if any of the 4 above situations is identified at the airport, I may be refused travel and lose my right to benefit from any commercial policy for COVID-19 established by the airline company operating my flight.

I understand that, if any of the 4 above situations is identified at the airport, I may be refused travel and lose my right to benefit from any commercial policy for COVID-19 established by the airline operating my flight. If you require medical information about COVID-19, please contact with the local health authority.


Due to the measures put in place, the amount of time it will take to your gate may be greater than usual. Please leave for the airport with sufficient time to ensure that you will arrive on time to board the aircraft.


We have taken steps in ensure the maximum separation between passengers while they are seated. We ask for you upmost attention to the announcements that will be given during boarding.

The crew will maintain the maximum distance possible with passengers and will always wear a mask.

Once on board, seat changes will not be allowed without crew approval.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use hydroalcoholic gels

Cough into your elbow

Avoid touching your face, nose and eyes with your hands

Avoid physical contact

Do not fly if you have COVID-19 symptoms

In the event you fail to comply with the recommended measures put into place for the protection of you and other passengers, the Company reserves the right to deny boarding and take appropriate legal action.



Cleaning:  cleaning measures have been reinforced at all check-in counters and points of contact and protective screens have been installed.

New distribution: Check-in and boarding lines have been reorganized to facilitate adequate separation between passengers and staff. Restaurants, VIP Lounges and VIP Parking are all subject to temporary restrictions.

Buses:  The seating capacity on buses running between the terminal and the aircraft has been reduced in order to facilitate the maximum amount of separation possible.


Gate Agents and Airport Staff: during the boarding and deplaning processes, gate agents and airport staff will maintain the maximum distance possible from passengers in all transit areas.

Boarding the aircraft:  We have taken the steps to ensure the maximum amount of separation possible between passengers during the seating process. Crew member will also maintain the maximum amount of distance possible with passengers and will always be equipped with a mask.

Carry-on Luggage: If crew members do not offer to help place carry-on luggage in the overhead compartments, it is strictly to protect the health and safety of the passenger by reducing the amount of physical contact.


Cleanliness:  We have reinforced the cleaning and disinfection of our aircrafts with specific products indicated to fight against COVID-19. Special treatment is applied to surfaces that are most frequently touched such as armrests, tray tables, luggage racks, restrooms, door handles, windows etc. as well as the areas reserved for our crew members.

Air circulation and renovation: The air in all of our cabins is renewed every 2-3 minutes. Our aircrafts are also equipped with HEPA filters that remove viruses and bacteria from the air with an efficiency rate of 99.99%.

Crew Members:  All of our crew members on all of our flights are equipped with masks, have received specific training and have onboard sanitary equipment in order to identify passengers with symptoms during the flight if necessary.


Inflight Service:We have reviewed our onboard gastronomic options to meet all safety, quality and hygiene standards related to COVID-19. We have also removed non-essential informational material, blankets and pillows because the safety of our passengers remains our top priority.

Hygiene:  Each passenger will be provided with hydroalcoholic wipes to ensure maximum hygiene on board. Additionally, we have reinforced the supply of hand soap and water on all aircrafts, because the best measure against COVID-19 remains frequent hand washing.
If necessary, you may ask the crew for a bag to dispose of your rubbish in a hygienic manner.

On Board Messages:  Information required by health authorities is readily available to passengers regarding both the specific procedures they must partake in during their travels as well as protective measures.


In order to offer the maximum flexibility to our clients and taking into account the current health situation, we are working continuously so that you can make your reservation with the utmost peace of mind.
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